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Essential Skills & Confidence Coaching For Women


Get Ready

To master your own universe. I believe that every single woman (yes, that means you!) has the power to create the life that she wants and deserves—professionally, personally, spiritually, physically. It’s all within your reach! But to get there, sometimes you need a confidence coach who has the skills and experience that you can draw from to help you to become Beyond Ready, so that you reach your full potential.

Are you ready to make the best choices for you—in work, in life, and in your most important relationships? 

I’ve designed this self-paced, interactive video, and live discussion program to teach effective and proven principles based on what I’ve learned in my life and from others whom I love and respect. I am committed to getting you to your next level. Together, we’ll make sure you’re Beyond Ready.




This Is My Journey





A New Jersey native and proud alumna of Spelman College, the sentiment that drives me is to empower the everyday woman to live a life filled with confidence, power, and style. My skills were honed when I began my career at highly regarded media outlets like O, The Oprah Magazine and Seventeen. These experiences taught me early on how to tell stories that inspire audiences to think differently about themselves, leaving them feeling empowered and assured.

I’ve always had a passion to drive trends and elevate conversations. As an entrepreneur and brand consultant, my ability to connect with female audiences has attracted the attention of both international and national consumer brands who often rely on my expertise and influence to develop marketing, social impact and content programs that meaningful impact audiences and revenue models.


While I will admit to being blessed and highly favored for this 22-year career, my true desire has always been to impact the lives of others purposefully and meaningfully.



Coached By Tai

Although the Beyond Ready platform is new, I have been coaching and mentoring for over 20 years. Here is what others are saying...




An 8-Week Guided Experience


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Learn The Principles

Real examples. Clear steps. Actionable advice. I have created power-packed modules featuring direct instruction from my plus exclusive interviews with individuals within my circle — successful entrepreneurs, artists, corporate executives and creators who have diverse backgrounds and work experiences. We will share the guiding principles that enabled our professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Our life lessons and principles will help you define a clear vision of what it will take for you to fully apply your unique gifts and talents to live life fully and with confidence.

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Claim Your Power

Your time is now. Whether you’re starting a new venture, establishing yourself in the corporate world, or entering a new phase in your life, my course will make sure you’re Beyond Ready to:

  • Identify and leverage your gifts and skills

  • Clarify and own your purpose

  • Define your own path with intention

  • Show up in the mirror and the world authentically

  • Establish and cultivate key relationships

  • Create powerful health + wellness habits

  • Rock all of the above with style




Build Connections


You’re not in this alone. I am here to ensure you’re Beyond Ready. My self-paced program which consists of easy-to-follow videos, templates, resource lists and more will get you there! All of the training is online, contained in our very own private virtual classroom. Weekly LIVE web-based group sessions with me (and some special guests) will provide you the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in real-time.

Community. Our Beyond Ready private members-only Facebook group will be a place for our community to meet, collaborate, and share.

Additional Content. Like you, the program will continue to evolve and expand. My team and I will add bonus content, unique personalized experiences, and growth opportunities that will be beneficial to everyone.

Lifetime Access. Once you complete this part of our journey, you will have access to all of the program content including our LIVE web-based group sessions for as long as the program exists.



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Put The Work In

The framework of Beyond Ready provides a step-by-step guide to create a life plan that is similar to the framework of a business plan. A business plan should be a tool you use to run and grow your business, something you continue to use and refine over time. Your life plan should do the same as you grow and evolve.

Beyond Ready training modules will consist a mixture of videos, quizzes, exercises, assignments and tasks designed to extract and leverage your gifts by identifying opportunities you may not have considered as well as creating a plan to deal with challenges that are likely to arise.

By the time you complete your Beyond Ready plan, you’ll have clarity, confidence and a community of the other participants to support and celebrate you reaching your goals.



YOur “Self”

Knowing who you are allows you to walk in your purpose. Your Self Summary will resemble an Executive Summary of YOU, a basic outline of your mission, vision and goals. We’ll also touch on your desired target market (job, partner, client, customer or mate) and identify the opportunity for your gift to be a contribution to their lives. As we move through the course, you’ll flesh out this summary and gain complete clarity of your SELF.



Imagine your gift as your “product.” Many of you have not identified what your true GTTs - gift, talents and treasures are. Beyond Ready will help you to determine your GTTs and then take it several steps further in determining the problems they solve, how unique they really are and how to you share your GTTs with others.



After you’ve confirmed what your GTTs, it’s crucial to do your research! Where do you want to be? How do you want your GTTs to be utilized? Who needs of you and your services the most so you can have maximum impact? What is the competitive (and supportive) landscape? Beyond Ready will GTTs to attract a partner, opportunities, clients, customers, a job or mate (I’m working on this one too!) who understands and values all that you are and what you have to offer.



Time management and how you produce, nurture and deliver your gift is key. Quality control, your location/environment, self care and just how much you have to give to your target audience are all must-knows. Beyond Ready will help you create a sustainable daily operation plan that puts your gift in action utilizing your resources and a process.



If you were to use a business plan to get financing, investors and lenders would carefully assess whether you have a qualified management team. You are your best investment and must have an understanding of the people on your personal org chart, their roles, influence, and how they contribute to your gifts and goals. Beyond Ready will assist you in building a supportive team who believes in your gift and supports your vision.

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Beyond Ready will truly crystallizes the concept that financial abundance is an inside job - in that it all begins with your mindset. Your financial plan is perhaps the most important element of a business plan and your life plan. Developing your financial plan will help you set financial goals that align with your plan and your future.



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You’re Worth It

Throughout the Beyond Ready experience, Tai will empower you to take charge of your life!

  • Develop an overall strategy based on gifts and purpose like a CEO

  • Organize time and tasks and relationships like a COO

  • Create a personal brand like a CMO

  • Develop a financial plan like a CFO

  • Step into greatness as a BOSS

Invest In Yourself



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  • 8 Guided Modules Packed with Powerful Lessons

  • Weekly LIVE web-based Group Sessions with Tai

  • Featured Video Conversations With Leading Professionals

  • Supporting Worksheets and Exercises

  • Access to Bonus Content

  • Private Members-Only Facebook Group

  • Life-Time Access


Class Begins Thursday, October 15th 2019

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Beyond Ready Early Bird Registration

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